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Kim Dailey Receives Endorsement from Montana Freedom Caucus PAC

We are delighted to announce that Kim Dailey has received the esteemed endorsement of the Montana Freedom Caucus PAC, an influential organization dedicated to promoting open, transparent, accountable government and safeguarding constitutional freedoms. This endorsement recognizes Kim's steadfast dedication to these principles and her effective leadership in advocating for the rights and prosperity of all Montanans.

Kim Dailey Montana Freedom Caucus Endorsement

Upholding Core American Values

The Montana Freedom Caucus PAC champions fundamental American rights and principles, such as:

  • The First Amendment rights of freedom of speech, worship, and peaceful assembly

  • The unequivocal Second Amendment right to bear arms

  • Limited government and balanced budgets

  • Property and water rights

  • The protection of human life

  • Health and medical freedoms.

Kim Dailey's unwavering commitment to these issues and her proven track record as a constitutional conservative make her the ideal representative for Montana's needs and values in the legislature.

Moving Forward with Strong Support

We are profoundly grateful for the Montana Freedom Caucus PAC's support and are energized to advance our shared goals. Together, we can ensure that Montana remains a beacon of freedom and prosperity.

Join us as we continue to support Kim Dailey's campaign for the Montana Legislature, where her leadership will contribute to shaping a brighter future for our state. With Kim at the helm, we are in good hands.

Kim Dailey Montana Freedom Caucus Endorsement Letter


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