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Kim Dailey Earns Prestigious Endorsement from Montana Conservative Alliance

We are excited to announce that Kim Dailey has received a significant endorsement in her campaign for House District 88 from the Montana Conservative Alliance (MCA). This endorsement is a testament to her unwavering commitment to constitutional principles, personal integrity, and the fundamental values of freedom and liberty.

Montana Capital Building

A Testament to Strong Conservative Values

The MCA is known for its rigorous standards when endorsing candidates, with a focus on constitutional fidelity, philosophical consistency, and personal character. According to MCA President Roger Koopman, the endorsement process is discerning and selective, making this acknowledgment especially meaningful. In his endorsement statement, Koopman praised Kim Dailey, stating:

"Montana Conservative Alliance holds lawmakers and political candidates to a high standard. To earn our MCA endorsement, a person must convince us that they have deeply rooted freedom-loving principles and convictions, and the courage and moral character to defend those principles – and the cause of liberty -- whenever and wherever challenged."

He further emphasized, "Montana Conservative Alliance strongly supports Kim Dailey in the HD 88 Republican primary, as a genuine and trustworthy conservative, who will be continually guided by constitutional principles and a love of liberty. These qualities are rare in politics today – and desperately needed! We believe Kim will always stand strong in the Montana legislature, fighting for freedom, free markets, family values, and better – not bigger – state government. We are honored to give her our endorsement."

Kim Dailey's Commitment to Montana

Kim Dailey's platform is built on the bedrock of conservative principles. She is dedicated to free and fair election, preserving family values, and ensuring that state government becomes more effective without becoming more extensive. Her vision for Montana is one of enhanced freedom and prosperity, reflecting the values that the MCA and its members hold dear.

Join the Movement

This endorsement from the Montana Conservative Alliance highlights the alignment of Kim's campaign with the values that will truly benefit the residents of House District 88. It is not only a recognition of her past efforts but a strong endorsement of her future potential.

We encourage everyone who believes in a free, prosperous, and principled Montana to join us in supporting Kim Dailey. Her leadership can help make these ideals a reality in the Montana legislature.

To learn more about the Montana Conservative Alliance, visit their Facebook page.

Your support and involvement are crucial as we approach the upcoming elections- Republican Primary is June 4th, 2024. Together, we can champion the cause of liberty and make a lasting impact on the future of Montana.

In celebration of this prestigious endorsement, Kim's husband, Von Dailey, has created a special announcement video to share the excitement and significance of this moment with all of you. We invite you to watch and enjoy.


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