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Kim Dailey: A Champion of Conservative Values and Constitutional Integrity

We are excited to share a heartfelt endorsement from Rachel Bartlett of Stevensville, who has eloquently expressed her support for Kim Dailey in the race for Representative of District 88 in Ravalli County. As the election approaches, it's vital to understand why Kim's steadfast commitment to our community and conservative principles makes her the ideal candidate.

A Servant of Faith and Family

Kim's political philosophy is deeply rooted in a conservative belief in the power of the Constitution. She proudly identifies herself as "a servant of faith and family," a statement that underscores her motivation to engage in politics not as a career but as a calling. Like the framers of the Constitution, Kim understands that moral beliefs are essential in guiding our political actions and decisions. This perspective is what makes her the kind of candidate that so many of us dream of supporting.

Kim Dailey for Montana

Deep Roots and Shared Values

Kim’s connection to Montana runs deep. Her values reflect those of our community—values she is dedicated to protecting. While Kim is not a lawyer, her extensive 20-year background as a paralegal has equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve effectively from day one.

Addressing the Challenges Within

Rachel Bartlett brings attention to a critical issue facing our community: the division within the Republican Party. She points out the challenges posed by the so-called "Solutions Caucus," a group of RINO Republicans influenced by Democrats, which has led to the defeat of good bills by compromising conservative principles. This election is a crossroad, asking whether Montana will maintain its conservative values or succumb to the rise of 'woke' ideologies that threaten the core of our cherished way of life.

The Clear Choice for Montana

This endorsement highlights why Kim Dailey is the right choice at this pivotal moment. Her integrity, commitment to conservative values, and dedication to serving as a true representative of the people make her a beacon of hope. Her endorsement by Montanans for Limited Government further solidifies her stance as a resilient defender of freedom and the conservative way of life in Montana.

As Rachel Bartlett reminds us, the responsibility lies with us, the voters, to seek the truth and make informed decisions about who will represent us. Kim Dailey stands out as a candidate of integrity, prepared to protect our rights and uphold the values we hold dear.

In supporting Kim Dailey, we choose a future where our conservative values continue to guide the governance of Montana. Let's stand together to ensure that Kim's vision becomes a reality for District 88 and beyond. Join us in supporting a candidate who is truly of the people, for the people, and with the people.

To read more about Rachel Bartlett's endorsement, visit the full article on the Bitterroot Star website.


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