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Supporting Voices: Bill Lussenheide's Endorsement of Kim Dailey in the Bitterroot Star

Updated: Feb 14

Exciting news for supporters of Kim Dailey's candidacy! We're thrilled to share a special guest post by Bill Lussenheide, a respected member of the Florence community, featured in the Bitterroot Star. His article provides an insightful perspective on Kim's campaign and her dedication to serving the people of Ravalli County.

In his post, Bill highlights a recent encounter with Kim Dailey and Kathy Love, another candidate for the Montana State House, at the Ravalli County Gun Show. He sheds light on their creative campaign strategy and shares personal insights into Kim's character and values.

Bill Lussenheide, known for his commitment to the community, applauds Kim for her integrity, character, and faith – qualities essential in a representative. His endorsement speaks volumes about the impact Kim aims to make in her pursuit to serve House District 88.

Read the full guest post to dive deeper into why Kim Dailey is the right choice for Montana State House. Don’t miss out on this unique perspective on a candidate who is making waves in local politics with her commitment to our values and community.

Published on December 15, 2023, by Bill Lussenheide, Florence.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and insights into Kim Dailey's campaign and how we're working together to make a difference in our community!


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