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Kim Dailey House District 88

Faithfully Protecting Your Rights "Dailey"!

Meet Kim Dailey

Deep Roots, Strong Voice: Advocating for Montana and House District 88's Values


Kim Dailey, a dedicated resident of Montana for 49 years, is not just another politician. Her decision to step into the political arena was guided by heartfelt conversations with God, her husband, Von Dailey, and a deep conviction to stand up for the people. With 20 years of legal expertise as a retired paralegal and a profound understanding of the challenges faced by our community, Kim is committed to protecting our fundamental rights and values. From advocating for our children's well-being and parental rights to ensuring a fair and transparent election system, Kim is determined to bring back integrity and moral values to our society. Stand with Kim Dailey to safeguard our future and preserve our cherished way of life.

Vote Kim Dailey, House District 88

Kim Dailey House District 88

On The Issues

Property Tax Reform

As a long-time property owner, I understand and share the concerns of many in Montana regarding the fairness and sustainability of our current property tax system. I am dedicated to exploring ways to revise property tax laws with the aim of alleviating the financial burden on homeowners and striving towards a more equitable and just tax system.

Fair and Transparent Election System

Believing in the foundational principle of free and fair elections, I am dedicated to enhancing transparency and integrity in our voting process. My focus is on legislation that supports hand-counted ballots and greater citizen involvement, ensuring that every vote is counted accurately and every voice is heard.

Advocacy for Parental Rights

As a parent and guardian myself, I understand the crucial role parents play in guiding their children. I will work tirelessly to empower parents in making key decisions about their children’s education and health, ensuring that parental rights are respected and upheld in our community and in our schools.

Protecting Our Children

In the face of a changing society, I am committed to safeguarding the innocence and future of our children. Our youth are being exposed to ideas and influences that challenge traditional values. As your representative, I will fight to protect our children from harmful ideologies and ensure that their education aligns with the values we hold dear in Montana.

Safeguarding Freedom

Our freedoms and sovereignty are at stake, and I am determined to halt the erosion of our rights. My mission is to stand up for the liberties we cherish, ensuring that government actions align with the US Constitution and Montana Constitution and that the power remains in the hands of the people.

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