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Door Knocking the Old Fashioned Montana Way

Kim Dailey, campaigning for House District 88, alongside Theresa Manzella, the incumbent running for re-election to Senate District 44, are taking their message directly to the people of the Bitterroot Valley in true Montana style — via horse cart.

Door Knocking the Old Fashioned Montana Way: Kim Dailey and Theresa Manzella Hit the Trails

Riding High on Montana Values

Kim Dailey, with her robust background as a paralegal, campaigns on a platform built on constitutional principles, fiscal responsibility, and protecting individual freedoms. As a candidate for House District 88, Kim is dedicated to ensuring that Montana remains a place where conservative values and community welfare are prioritized and preserved.

Theresa Manzella, serving since 2014, complements Kim's campaign with her proven track record of legislative successes, including the Parents Bill of Rights (SB400) and enhancements to parental rights in education (SB518). Theresa's commitment to infrastructure, living wage jobs, and upholding the constitutions of both the U.S. and Montana has made her a defender of freedom in the Montana Senate.

A Personal Touch to Politics

Kim and Theresa are connecting with voters in a manner that’s as refreshing as it is rare. By traveling through neighborhoods of the Bitterroot Valley on horse cart, they are engaging in face-to-face conversations about what matters most to the residents — all while showcasing their commitment to traditional values and personal responsibility.

Kim and Theresa invite all locals to come out, share their thoughts, and learn more about their plans for Montana’s future. It's a unique opportunity to meet your candidates in a relaxed setting and discuss the future of your community over the clatter of horseshoes.

For those who believe in a government that is accountable, transparent, and aligned with Montana's conservative ethos, supporting Kim Dailey for House District 88 and Theresa Manzella for Senate District 44 is a step towards preserving the Montana way of life.

Don’t miss the chance to meet Kim and Theresa as they continue to door-knock the old-fashioned Montana way — proving that sometimes, the best way to move forward is on horseback, with a firm grip on the reins of freedom.


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