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Why Our Elephants Point Right: A Fun Twist in Kim Dailey's Campaign

In the whirlwind of political campaigns, symbols carry more than just identity; they tell a story, embrace values, and sometimes, they even share a wink of humor with those paying close attention. For Team Kim Dailey, our campaign's spirit is encapsulated not just in our messages and promises but in the playful direction our Republican elephants march: to the right!

Kim Dailey Leading in the Right Direction

You might have noticed, on our signage and various campaign materials, that our elephants—the proud and steadfast symbol of the Republican Party—are all pointing right. This isn't just a whimsical design choice; it's a nod to our commitment to lead House District 88 in the right direction, aligning perfectly with Kim Dailey's vision and values.

Leading to the Right, With Righteous Intent

Leading to the Right, With Righteous Intent

Kim Dailey's campaign is all about moving forward with purpose, conviction, and a deep-seated belief in the principles that make our community and our country great. The rightward stance of our elephants symbolizes Kim's dedication to progress, conservatism, and the unwavering path she is committed to navigating for the betterment of our district.

Join the March!

As our campaign elephants march to the right, we invite you to join us on this journey. Kim Dailey is leading the charge, but it's the strength of our community and the support of each individual that propels us forward. Whether it's through volunteering, sharing our message, or displaying our right-pointing elephants with pride, your involvement is what makes this campaign truly special.

So, the next time you see one of our elephants pointing right, remember: it's more than just a direction. It's a symbol of our collective aspirations, our commitment to the right values, and the path we're taking to ensure a bright future for House District 88. Let's march together, rightward, with Kim Dailey leading the way!


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