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Discover the Heart of Our Community at the Aiming for Victory Fundraiser & Candidate Forum

The Ravalli County Republican Central Committee is excited to invite you to an unforgettable gathering that celebrates our shared conservative values, offers direct engagement with local leaders, and dives into the critical issues facing our community. Whether you're deeply rooted in the conservative movement or just beginning to explore what it stands for, we guarantee a rewarding experience for all who attend.

Upcoming Event Spotlight:

Aiming for Victory Fundraiser and Candidate Forum

Prepare for an inspiring evening where community and commitment meet. This event is a golden opportunity to engage with local candidates who embody our conservative principles, offering a platform to understand their goals and aspirations for our community and its future.

Featuring Special Guest Speaker: David Clements, the visionary behind the impactful documentary "Let My People Go," will share his profound insights and stories, enriching our gathering with his depth of knowledge and perspective.

Event Highlights:

  • When: Saturday, April 6th,2024. Doors open at 4:30 PM, with dinner served at 5:45 PM.

  • What to Expect: An engaging mix of a silent auction, a mini bike raffle, and delightful games for children, making it the perfect family outing.

  • Ticket Information: Tickets are $25 for attendees 13 years and older, while children 12 and under join free.

For more details or to secure your tickets, please contact us at 406-549-1450 or visit our website.

This event is not just a gathering but a beacon for those who believe in the power of conservative values to shape a brighter future for our community. The Ravalli County Republican Central Committee looks forward to welcoming you to an evening of meaningful connection, learning, and support.

Join us as we aim for victory together, forging a path that honors our values and visions for Ravalli County. Your participation is more than just support; it's a step toward making a significant difference in the community we cherish. See you there!

Ravalli County Republican Event


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