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Be Part of the Change: Join Team Kim, House District 88! 

This is more than a campaign; it's a movement. A movement grounded in the shared values and dreams that make Montana truly special. As we stand on the brink of a pivotal moment, your voice, your actions, and your support have the power to define Montana's future. Kim Dailey is at the forefront, championing the cause for property tax reform, free and fair elections, and parental rights. Yet, it's your hands and hearts that will carry us across the finish line. This is your invitation to be part of something transformative. Let's rally together for Kim Dailey and forge a Montana future we all believe in.

Be a Part of the Change: Join Team Kim for House District 88!


Your Voice Matters: Endorse Kim Dailey

Imagine the power of our collective voice, each one echoing our commitment to the values and traditions that bind us. Whether you're a local entrepreneur, a community advocate, or a neighbor filled with hope, your endorsement is a beacon of change. Supporting Kim Dailey isn't just about backing a candidate; it's a declaration of our collective will to uphold Montana values. Let's unite our voices in a resounding endorsement for Kim and show everyone the strength of our conviction. Visit to share your endorsement and join the wave of positive change.


Elevate Our Campaign: Volunteer with Team Kim

Team Kim is about passion, dedication, and belief in a brighter Montana. Every task, from distributing yard signs to canvassing, is a thread in the fabric of our shared vision. Your unique talents and enthusiasm are the lifeblood of this campaign. By volunteering, you're not just contributing; you're leading the charge towards a landmark victory for Kim Dailey and the very soul of Montana. Ready to make a difference and drive our movement forward? Join us, and let's create a wave of change together! To get involved and bring your invaluable support to our team, visit and volunteer today. Your participation is the cornerstone of our success!"


Amplify Our Message: Show Your Support Loud and Proud

In the sea of voices and choices, visibility is our lighthouse. Showcasing your support through yard signs, field signs, or car magnets isn't just an act of endorsement; it's a rallying cry for unity and progress. These symbols of support are the banners under which we march towards a brighter future for Montana. Choose your banner, plant it for all to see, visit and let's paint the district with our unwavering support for Kim Dailey!


How You Can Join the Movement

Feeling inspired? Here's how you can dive in:

  • Endorse Kim Dailey: Let Montanans hear why Kim's vision resonates with you. Your endorsement is a powerful testament to our collective dream.

  • Volunteer with Team Kim: Find your fit in our campaign and bring your energy to the forefront. Every action, no matter the size, is a step towards victory.

  • Be a Beacon of Support: Request your sign of support and be a visible part of the movement that's propelling Kim Dailey and Montana forward.


This campaign is a journey we embark on together, a journey towards a future Montana that echoes our highest ideals. Kim Dailey is ready to lead the way, but it's your passion, your commitment, and your voices that will make this vision a reality. Join Team Kim today, and together, let's champion the change we wish to see in Montana. Let's make history!


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