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A Melodic Pledge to America: Kim Dailey and Family Featured in Patriotic Music Video

Updated: Feb 18

In the heart of Hamilton, Montana, during a tent revival in August 2022, Kim Dailey, and her devoted husband Von, experienced a moment that would deeply resonate with their family values and patriotic spirit. It was there they first met Linda Lanier, a singer whose dedication to America's service members and veterans shines brightly through her music and actions. Lanier, known for her patriotic CDs and unwavering support for military and police veterans, made a profound impact on the Dailey family that day. Her heartfelt invitation for veterans to come forward in recognition of their service encapsulated a spirit of gratitude and respect, leaving an indelible mark on all present.

In the front row, Kim Dailey, center, flanked by her son Matthew on the left and her husband Von on the right. Featured in the back row, on the far left, is Sen.Theresa Manzella (R), and to her right Kathy Love, candidate for House District 85.

This initial encounter laid the foundation for a meaningful collaboration between the Dailey family and Lanier. In a recent testament to their shared values, Kim Dailey, alongside Von and Matthew, proudly participated in Lanier's music video for "God Save America." This project symbolizes more than just a musical collaboration; it represents a confluence of shared ideals and a deep-seated belief in the principles that underpin the American way of life.

Linda Lanier's background as both a national and international recording artist and her personal connection to the military community lend authenticity and depth to her music. Having been recognized for her contributions to patriotism and community service, including her role as the Precinct Person for the Ravalli County Republican Committee, Lanier stands as a beacon of hope and resilience. Her efforts to promote awareness of the challenges facing our nation, coupled with her call to restore faith at the center of American life, resonate with those who hear her message.

The music video "God Save America" emerges as a poignant declaration of the Dailey family's and Linda Lanier's dedication to the core values that define the spirit of America. Their collective participation in this project underscores a commitment to unity, resilience, and the power of standing firm against adversity.

For Kim Dailey, running for House District 88, this is not just a campaign effort but a demonstration of her lifelong commitment to integrity, character, and serving the people of Ravalli County with honor. Kim's campaign is built on the belief that effective leadership embodies the heart and soul of the community it serves. Her involvement in the "God Save America" video is a vivid illustration of her pledge to uphold these principles, ensuring that the voices of her constituents are heard, their rights protected, and their values championed.

As we navigate the complexities of our current era, "God Save America" serves as a powerful reminder of our nation's enduring strength, the importance of faith, and the unbreakable bond of patriotism that unites us. Kim Dailey, her family, and Linda Lanier extend an invitation to all Montanans to reflect on the greatness of our country and to join in a collective effort to safeguard the values we hold dear.

We encourage you to watch "God Save America" on YouTube and experience for yourself the powerful message of unity and strength that it conveys.

Learn more about Linda Lanier's inspiring journey and her mission to bring hope and healing through her music at Linda Lanier's Official Website.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on Kim Dailey's campaign and how, together, we're making a difference in our community and beyond.


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